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Hey, thanks for checking out my site! I know you have plenty of important things to do in your day so it’s always very humbling when people stop by.

My name is TJ and I run things here at It’s a site that is open and free to use for all people regardless of race, gender, or religion. The goal here is to educate and co-exist in harmony, letting Marijuana be the glue that brings us together!

And fun stuff like education, gift ideas, etc.

A Little Bit of History

My own story in all this might seem a bit boring compared to others. There was no revolutions to speak of, or crazy stories at the border. In fact I’m just a pretty chill dude from the Great White North that is Canada – and I smoke a lot of pot. So much that I decided to create a website about it, eh!

Things started for me a few years back when I was still working full-time doing physical labour jobs in the retail industry. I spent my time working between stores and warehouses, lifting, carrying, and sorting heavy stuff for hours on end. It was pretty straightforward work, but quite physically demanding at times for sure.

Throughout my career I had endured multiple back injuries (as well as other areas) and I had recently returned to work from my time off in physical rehabilitation. My back was fragile at best until the recovery process was further along, and dealing with pain was a normal part of my daily routine.

At that time I was often working with an old coworker of mine that spent much of his time using marijuana when he wasn’t on the clock. One night, he got me on the subject of my injuries, my medications, and so on to see how things were progressing. I told him the usual “painkillers by the fistful, stretching, ice, and sleep”, which was standard issue for most patients like myself.

He nodded along, listening to my story and expressing his own concerns (having been through similar injuries) and made a suggestion that I knew was coming, but didn’t want to hear: Have you tried pot? You know, weed?

I chuckled, more at him than the idea because of the kinda guy he was – but this time was different. See, often times when I’ve talked to marijuana users in the past, they fit a lot of the comedic stereotypes. Funny, easygoing folks for the most part, but rarely did they ever discuss the “medical” side of marijuana. This time was different.

My coworker went on to speak at great lengths about how the effects of weed have changed his life and the lives of several others among his family and friends. He spoke about health benefits, cautions, stigmas, and eventually just the fun stuff to tie it off on a lighthearted tone.

I took it all in, but wasn’t sold on the idea of smoking my problems away just yet. In fact, I’d never smoked before that.

But after a few seperate nights working together, and many lengthy discussions, I was convinced enough to at least give it a try. We picked a responsible time and place (and amount of course) to try and see how it affected my pain relief and quality of sleep which was soon to follow.

It was all a very controlled expirement, and one that I was glad I did.

Though I didn’t really start using at that point in time, I felt relieved that I gave it a try. I felt like many stereotypes were crushed that day, and the supposed “Devil’s Lettuce” was not nearly the big scary drug that the governments scare people into believing.

Around 6 Months Later..

So there I was studying full-time in College, living my best life at this point. I’ve moved away from my previous job and onto something greater right? Guess what came with me? Back problems.

Some combination of sitting at a desk and trying to work on fixing people’s vehicles had brought back my injury in full force. I had hurt myself in the shop I was working at, right around Christmas too! And this time it was the worst it had ever been – we’re talking Piriformis Syndrome, 24/7 chronic pain in my back and leg, and maybe 2-4 hours of sleep a night.

I went back to the Doctor, got my painkillers, started physio again, the whole 9 yards. Fun stuff!

But this time the painkillers were just not doing it for me, giving me stomach aches and not helping me sleep at night. My studies were suffering and my relationships felt strained by my constant pain-induced temper. It was a lot to handle and I felt like pain was tearing my life apart.

Enter the Marijuana

Somewhere along the way I caught wind that there was a decent and legit dispensery in the town I was living at. I’d never been to such a place and was nervous at the idea, but only heard good things every time I asked around. I decided that pain relief was worth the anxiety of making the effort, and went for it.

Upon entering I was met by very friendly staff and customers, many of which didn’t fit the traditional “stoner” stereotypes. There were seniors, military veterans, and young men like myself there. It was strange at first, seeing so many nice people from various walks of life all there for one thing – marijuana.

Soon enough the staff had me in contact with a medical professional that was assessing my situation and needs. She went over many of the pros and cons of marijuana usage as well as the different categories and terms I would be coming across. It was far more educational and helpful than my previous Doctor that offered up no resources, just a firm “don’t do it – bad for you”.

I was being treated like a real human being with issues, rather than a statistic. It really changed things for me going forward.

Why do I Want to Help Others?

I was once a scared young man, physically crippled from rough jobs and mentally anxious most of the time. When complete strangers were willing to help me through this time, offering alternative pain relief and education on the subject of marijuana, it changed my world.

Stigmas were lifted, stereotypes abolished, and pain was much easier to manage. And I could sleep again!

I realized that I had so much incorrect information in my head, most of which was fueled by some corrupt measure of the government trying to strongarm people into buying more presrciption medications. Many others around me knew this as well, but there are still so many people around the world blinded by propaganda.

Now I choose to take on the role of educator myself, to do for others what others have done for me.

But I’m not some goofball in a stuffy suit or anything like that, I’m just a normal guy living the high life like many of you. That being said, feel free to comment on the site or even reach out to me personally if you’d like! I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty more of me around here in the time to come.


All the best!


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