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Is Cannabis Worse Than Cigarettes?

Is Cannabis worse than Cigarettes, or is it all biased information coming from the tobacco industry? What do the medical studies have to say? We’ll be covering all this and more in today’s article so stay tuned!

Hello folks and thank you for joining me on this spicy topic here today. Why is it spicy, you may ask? Well, the Marijuana/Cannabis industry has been under a lot of scrutiny over the past several decades (if not more) for potentially putting people’s health at risk.

But is Cannabis really that bad for you? And honestly, how could it be worse than the almighty cigarette?

Because, and let’s be honest here for a moment, the tobacco industry has been doing a fantastic job of denying health risks involved in smoking or even just chewing tobacco for a very long time. Part of it was a lack of information from credible sources, part was corporate interference to keep large amounts of money changing hands, and who knows about the rest.

Even now, when we have the warning labels printed right on the cigarette packages, they still sell like hotcakes.

Yet Cannabis is referred to as the Devil’s Lettuce

Oh, and it’s illegal in most places where smoking tobacco is perfectly legal, truly amazing. So I’m going to break down what is in Cigarettes, Cannabis, and the health effects of both. This way you can properly assess what is actually out to seriously harm your body, and what is utter nonsense and propaganda.

Let’s get this show on the road!

What Is In Cigarettes?cigarettes

Oh man, where do you start with these things.. Here’s the quick notes to get us started:

– There are roughly over 600 ingredients in Cigarettes

– Over 7000 chemicals are created as a result of combustion (lighting on fire)

– Many of these chemicals (over 60 of them) are known to cause Cancer

How’s that to get us started? But let’s go in a little more specific with some of these ingredients:

Acetone – A colourless, volatile, and flammable chemical typically used as a solvent in cleaning products and nail polish removers.

Nicotine – A highly addictive drug that makes you dependent, both physically and psychologically, on getting more otherwise you’re very likely to suffer the effects of withdrawal.

Tar – The nasty, brown stuff that comes from Cigarettes. it’s both toxic for your health, stains that which it touches, and yes it is known to cause Cancer.

Butane – Commonly used as a lighter fluid or barbecue fuel, Butane is very flammable and can cause health effects such as memory loss, dizziness, intoxication, and asphyxiation.

Arsenic – Another toxic chemical found in Cigarettes known for causing Skin, Lung, and other forms of Cancer in the human body. Also famously and maliciously used as a poison by a number of criminals over the years.

Ammonia – Found in many industrial strength cleaning products and fertilizers. It is colorless and quite toxic.

Formaldehyde – Another toxic chemical, this time used in the construction of building materials and also produced by burning things like fuel and garbage.

Methanol – A colourless, hazardous, and very flammable chemical used in things like Antifreeze and Rocket Fuel.

Benzene – Cancer causing agent that is often used is cleaning products, pesticides, and some fuel sources.

Lead – Poisonous enough to be removed from food and water sources, but okay for Cigarettes? Yikes.

Pesticides and other toxic additives – Some are naturally occurring in our bodies or even food sources, but the delivery method (via Cigarettes), the concentration, and overall combustion make things much worse for you.

There you have a small sample of what is actually in your typical Cigarette. There’s many more chemicals involved, many of which I’m sure most people have never heard of outside of a Laboratory or Chemistry class. It’s also worth mentioning that many more of these ingredients not mentioned are indeed toxic as well.

How Bad Are Cigarettes For You?

It’s not even a matter of “if” they’re bad, because there’s no denying that they’re basically poison in smokable form. But just how bad are they for the human body, and what kinds of effects might a person suffer?


Some of the effects of smoking tobacco Cigarettes include:

– Increased Blood Pressure

– Increased probability of Blood Clots

– Heart Disease

– Heart Attacks

– Bad Breath

– Stained Skin and Teeth

– Wrinkles

– Cellulite

– Impotence (In Males)

– Infertility (In Females)

– Stomach Cancer

– Stomach Ulcers

– Asthma

– Pneumonia

– Emphysema

– Lung Cancer

– Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

– Higher chance of suffering a Stroke

– Brain Aneurysm

– Brain Damage

– Death

I honestly did not cover every single side effect of smoking Cigarettes in that list, as there are plenty more to be wary of. Some pretty big ones like different kinds of Cancer, Heart Attacks, and Death probably won’t happen the first time you smoke tobacco, but over time the likelihood increases several times and then really puts you on the chopping block.

The mainstream media and pop culture that we’re subject to these days is still quite useless when it comes to getting these health risks across to today’s youth. As a result, we still have a very prosperous Tobacco industry thriving off the backs of innocent people all around the world. It’s up to you as the reader to help inform people of the dangers of Cigarettes, and to protect yourself as well.

What Is In Cannabis?cannabis

Cannabis, or Marijuana, also has a bit of a laundry list of ingredients involved – several hundred (at least 400) naturally occurring ingredients and over 60 of which are chemical compounds referred to as Cannabinoids.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that develop naturally as part of the Cannabis Sativa plant. The most common Cannabinoids are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) which together make up most of your Cannabinoids in the average Cannabis plant.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) – The primary psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis. This is the main cause of the intoxicated, or “high” feeling you get when consuming Cannabis products. It reacts with the receptors in our bodies to give us feelings of euphoria and relaxation, but can also cause Paranoia under certain circumstances.

CBD (Cannabidiol) – The other major chemical compound found in most strains of Cannabis. The effects of CBD are similar to that of THC, minus one major factor – CBD is not known to be psychoactive and is more likely to relieve anxiety than to cause it.

More on the differences between THC and CBD here.

Other Cannabinoids found commonly in Cannabis include:

– THCA (Tetrahydrocannbinolic Acid)

– CBDA (Cannbidiolic Acid)

– CBN (Cannbinol)

– CBG (Cannabigerol)

– CBC (Cannabichromine)

– And a few others as well

How Bad Is Cannabis For You?

Cannabis is not a wonder drug in the sense that it is completely without any health effects or risks worth watching out for. That being said, research and evidence suggest that the Pros far outweigh the Cons on the overall scale.


But I want to talk about the negative effects here, some of which include:

– Increased Heart Rate

– Anxiety/Paranoia

– Impaired Judgement

– Memory Loss

– Increased Coughing and Wheezing

It’s no news that consuming Cannabis can give you Anxiety and even Paranoia, but it largely comes as a result of too much THC in your system. The psychoactive ingredients will also alter your perception and judgement as well, so doing things like driving and operating machinery while under the influence are not advised.

Additionally, the combustion of Cannabis is said to release some Carcinogens (Cancer-causing agents) into the human body and airways. As it stands right now though, studies are still on the fence as to whether the smoking of Cannabis can cause Cancer or not.

That all being said, consume responsibly if you choose to use Cannabis.

Verdict – Which Is Worse For Your Health?

It’s not even up for debate at this point – despite what the super powerful Tobacco industry would have you think, smoking Cigarettes is far worse than smoking Cannabis.

There’s downsides to both smoking Tobacco and Cannabis, but there are some serious differences to note and the true “Devil” is in the details – the ingredients.

With an ingredient list that includes things like Rocket Fuel, Cleaning Products, and Nail Polish Remover, it doesn’t take an expensive degree in Chemistry to know that smoking Cigarettes will eventually kill you.

The consumption of Cannabis (depending on things like the % of THC) can result in intoxication and heightened anxiety, but the long-term effects just don’t match the damage done by Tobacco products. But as more studies into the usage of Cannabis begin to pop up, there will be more information available that may not have been previously known.

Anyways, that’s it in a nutshell folks. If you have anything to add or wish to discuss, leave a comment down below!

Have a fantastic day,


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